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Keynote Speaker on Hybrid Work Environments

New Article in Training Magazine: Would you bet on a Superbowl team that trained virtually?

Keynote Speaker on Hybrid Work Environments

Training magazine is a professional development magazine that focuses on both workforce development and training. Recently I had the pleasure of putting together an article for the folks there about how to create an elite hybrid work environment, with a Superbowl twist.

You can read my article here: Super Bowl LVIII: The Officers vs. The Zoomers

I welcome your comments and feedback below!

2 thoughts on “New Article in Training Magazine: Would you bet on a Superbowl team that trained virtually?

  1. The analogy of Zoomers and Officers provides a fascinating perspective on the dynamics of remote versus in-person training. Your points about the uncomfortable yet essential aspects of in-person interactions made me reflect on the value of those seemingly trivial moments in the workplace that contribute to building a cohesive team.
    As much as we may cherish the convenience of remote work, it’s clear there are significant trade-offs in terms of team cohesion and culture. Your reminder of the importance of trust in fostering effective teamwork, drawing from your own experiences, was particularly impactful. Indeed, champions are made through shared experiences, adversity, and face-to-face interactions.
    While the allure of remote work may be strong, your argument for the value of traditional, in-person training and collaboration is compelling.
    In the spirit of your article, there’s an Epictetus quote that resonates with the theme of facing discomfort for long-term success: “The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it.

  2. Love your comment Job, especially the quote from Epictetus!

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