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Meet Anthony 'AB' Bourke

Fighter Pilot Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, and Proven Business Leader

Anthony ‘AB’ Bourke’s 15 years of speaking to Fortune 1,000 and conference audiences around the world are a testament to his ability to motivate, energize and provide your team with real takeaways that they can implement the minute they walk out the door, challenged and inspired by his keynote speech.

As a United States Air Force fighter pilot, Anthony “AB” Bourke learned early in his career that the key to keeping individuals and organizations performing at their peak is a constant communication system where team members receive honest feedback on a regular basis delivered in a format that they expect. For fighter pilots, this feedback occurs after every single mission as part of a systematic ritual we call “The Debrief.”

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Keynote Speech Topics

speaking on leadership

Keynote Speaker on Leadership

All great leaders have a system for driving peak performance. This hard-charging, high-impact keynote offers your leaders the straightforward, critical tools that U.S. fighter pilots employ to lead their wingmen into the demanding environment of aerial combat.

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Culture of Apprenticeship

Military Speaker on Teamwork

There are many companies with great people and great strategies in the business world today. Ultimately the difference between the winners and the “also rans” comes down to Execution. The Military trains Fighter Pilots so that execution becomes second nature and reflexive. This keynote details how these principles can be applied to business teams.

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Fighter Pilot Speaker on Communication

A high impact Keynote focusing on how the world’s most successful enterprises – where results truly matter — achieve peak performance by creating a culture of honest and open feedback.

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Pilot Speaker Keynote on Innovation

In today’s rapidly changing world companies and their people must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition. While many people in business think only of Tech Entrepreneurs as the leading innovators of our day, there is no doubt that fighter pilots are constantly innovating to survive and thrive in the world of aerial combat.

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The Chain of Events Leads to the Scene of the Accident

In the past few years, I've had multiple requests for keynote speeches on Safety. Early in my career, I had the unique experience of flying an F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter into some high voltage power lines and living to tell the story - I have a unique perspective on the topic that relates well to…

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Upcoming Speech at Utah Meetings Connect

(Reposted from, and a big thanks to,  Craig Middlemas - AB Bourke) HUGE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY for all my local Utah event planner friends. This is an event you don't want to miss! The speaker Anthony "AB" Bourke is phenomenal. A highly decorated F-16 fighter pilot, plus CEO and founder…

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