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Top Gun: Maverick – two thumbs up, go see it! (no spoilers in this post)


Photo: Paramount Pictures

I had the pleasure of joining the rest of my neighborhood (and the rest of the world) to watch the much awaited and highly promoted Top Gun Maverick yesterday.  Top Gun made an estimated $156 million domestically for its four-day opening weekend, according to Paramount which set a record for a Memorial Day Weekend film opening. From my perspective, it was worth the wait, and I loved watching on the big screen with full surround sound.

I will post a blog entry next week about what I liked, the few things I didn’t like as well as taking a shot at separating fact from fiction.  In the meantime, I’d love to know how you liked the movie and have you answer my 4 questions below.

  1. What did you like about the movie?
  2. What did you think was real?
  3. What did you think was fake/animated?
  4. How does Tom Cruise look that young at 57???

To give me your take on these, and join in a discussion you can post a comment below.

I look forward to your thoughts and will follow up next week.

Happy Hunting and Fly Safe!

– Anthony “AB” Bourke
CEO & Founder
Mach 2 Consulting

8 thoughts on “Top Gun: Maverick – two thumbs up, go see it! (no spoilers in this post)

  1. I was thoroughly enthralled by the movie on the big screen. Wonderful references to the first film included smiles and tears.
    The scenes inside the cockpits of actual flying seemed very real to me.
    What was fake? Nothing that stood out.
    Tom looked good. His message pre-movie was a nice touch.

    I loved it and immediately sent a message to my sons with 6 thumbs up!

  2. Totally enjoyed, a 5 star production, fact and some fiction. TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY AND ENTERTAINING. Taking my adopted grandsons to it as soon as school is out on $6.00 Tuesday at Fairfax Theater.

  3. I’m guessing the F-14 scenes had to have been done with CGI and models, as only Iran operates them now. I’m always shocked that Combat Aircraft magazine somehow gets great photos of them every year

  4. The outcomes were too predictable…… not enthused. Animation was great. Plot cheesy, weak! Enough of Top Gun 2.0!

  5. AB! I liked the movie – high production value and entertaining. I wondered why they didn’t go deeper into Pete’s romance, until it dawned on me that they were being mindful of their younger audience who might find that cringy. Actually, nobody really wants to see 50-somethings going at it on the big screen. There were some cheesy parts for sure – but they knew their Top Gun fans would roll with it… even expect it. I assume most of the canyon flying shots were CG, right?

  6. Great entertainment! Not a pilot but I am really looking forward to read about the “fake” and the “real”.
    Cheesy but I guess fighter pilots must be 😉 otherwise how could your nickname be “rooster” or “hangman” after your old men?

  7. I liked all the simulations in Top Gun…very realistic looking!
    Obviuosly, it’s all modeling and simulations…those guys were not flying F-14’s…but I read that they flew in them to get the feeling of all those G’s (and apparently omitted!!).
    I don’t think the jets were flying low through those canyons…simulation!
    Tom C looks pretty good at 57 assuming it’s not all airbrushed haha.
    Fun movie overall.

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