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As I mentioned to you afterwards, your program was extremely dynamic and entertaining, and your message created immediate value add for our company. Your concept of providing regular feedback to insure we continue to get better is something that we are implementing throughout the firm. I held my first debrief last week following a client presentation, and I have heard similar comments from others. Please keep me up to date on your company and best practices from others so we can continue striving for ‘Peak Performance’ at Asurion.”

Kevin Taweel, CEO, Asurion Corporation

Just returned from New Mexico and wanted to congratulate you, once again, on an incredible seminar!”

Patti Kerr, American Red Cross

AB, your speech and brief/debrief were extremely well received by the Partner team and fitted in perfectly with our conference theme.  I’m hoping many Partners adopt this approach with their teams so that they become more engaged, aligned and continue to learn and develop.”

Thomas von Koch, Managing Partner, EQT Partners

You were the highest rated speaker at our conference!”

Bob Wenzinger, PPG Industries

Thanks again for providing us a World Class Speech at our PCS Annual Conference. Your message was a perfect fit for our group and our theme. Most importantly the term “Debrief” is the new buzzword at Russell as we continue to “Come Together” and focus on always doing the right thing for our clients, our associates and our investors. I commend you on your hard work up front, learning our business and our language. You seamlessly wove our themes and verbiage into your presentation and this was noted by all who attended.”

Michael Winnick, Russell Investments

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